The Jisei Dojo was founded by Jason Harris Sensei and teaches Danzan Ryu Jujitsu with influences from Judo and Aikido; and blends striking techniques from Karate and Kung Fu. We are proud to be the only school in Michigan teaching Danzan Ryu techniques; Traditional Japanese Jujitsu, the first jujitsu taught in America!
The Jisei Dojo is a family atmosphere that focuses on the character growth of the true martial artist. We encourage morals, discipline, and a gentle spirit.
New Term Starts November. New students may join at any time

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Why we do what we do: we are committed to helping families get better;  better shape, better core strength, better health. This is a video game generation. Hours on a video games do not add to the health of a child, so we like to help with, Core exercises, workouts, coordination development, mental discipline, and physical stability.
  Marital Arts Class
Learning to fight for your marriage
open to married or singles
Beginning in January
at Foster Community

 A martial artist is Honest, Relentless, Courteous, Obedient,
Peaceful, Grateful, Self Controlled, Confident.